Genre Drama
First Performance 26/02/2019
Closing 23/03/2019
Running Time 2h15, inc. interval

Jet-black comedy We’re Staying Right Here portrays a male comedian struggling with depression – and fighting his own battle.

In a world full of hate there was Matthew. Stand-up comic. New Father. Nice chap. Life fair to middling. Then the war started.

Matt hides in his flat with Benzies and Tristabel. They arrived one day and never left. No one ever leaves now. The door is locked. The windows are boarded. It’s dangerous outside. As the man Matthew used to be fades away, the three men tell themselves stories about the past, present and future. Stories about their escape.

They have a plan. They have a ladder. It’s polished. It’s worshipped. It goes straight through the roof and beyond. It will be their salvation. They’ll climb it one day. If only they could get it prepared. If only Matt could figure out what role he’ll play in this war. If only the others could just stop talking.

Game Of Thrones’ Daniel Portman will star, alongside Tom Canton (previous credits including The Country Girls, Chichester), Danny Kirrane (Jerusalem, Royal Court) and Liam Smith (Howard Barker Double Bill, Arcola).

A jet-black comedy about the least comic of human struggles; one man’s survival in a world turned upside down. We’re Staying Right Here is a manic Duracell bunny of a play that simply refuses to shut up.

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