My Children! My Africa!

Published August 11, 2015

What’s it all about?

Racial inequality, friendship and an explosive altercation between an old-fashioned teacher and one of his favourite pupils.

In apartheid-era South Africa, the former, Mr M, believes that education is the key to ending the country’s problems, while the latter, Thami, is beginning to side with the violent tendencies of his comrades.

Who’s in it?

A compelling three-strong cast tackles Athol Fugard’s 1980s-set play with incredible amounts of gusto. Nathan Ives-Moiba is a kind and passionate Thami, whose desperation to make a better future for him and his people leads him down a difficult path.

Anthony Ofoegbu is captivating and at times really quite terrifying as self-confessed taskmaster Mr M, while Rose Reynolds, in the role of a privileged white school girl, is a chirpy and spirited Isabel caught in the middle.

What should I look out for?

If you’re sitting in the front row, one of the most treacherous journeys to your seat you’ll have ever encountered at the theatre.

In a nutshell?

Athol Fugard’s writing shines alongside a trio of compelling performances in this striking revival of his 25-year-old apartheid drama.

What’s being said on Twitter?

Will I like it?

My Children! My Africa!’s 1990 premiere may be a hard act to follow, starring as it did Fugard’s daughter Lisa and playing at a time when apartheid was very much at forefront of everyone’s minds, but nevertheless Roger Mortimer and Deborah Edgington’s revival is a powerful affair with some truly outstanding performances. For those wanting to swot up on their literature knowledge, there is also a fast-paced masterclass on some great literary classics that may teach you a bit more about a writer or two…

My Children! My Africa is playing at the Trafalgar Studio 2 until 29 August. You can book tickets through the venue’s website.