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Inspiring the Future of Theatre is looking for Ambassadors

By Carly-Ann Clements, Published April 19, 2018

For over three decades, the Olivier Awards with Mastercard have been inspiring people to get into theatre. But it kindles more than just a love for watching theatre, it forges a desire to work in theatre, too.

From performers to stage managers, costume designers to casting directors, everyone in the industry has at least one person that made them want to pursue a career in the arts. And that’s why a cultural education is vital to young people. To help introduce children to the diverse range of theatre careers, SOLT and UK Theatre have launched the new initiative Inspiring the Future of Theatre.

Inspiring the Future of Theatre will showcase the vast range of careers available in the industry and encourage connections between schools and their local theatres. To find out more and to sign-up as an Ambassador, click here.

Currently, the creative industries combined worth is £92bn, which is growing at twice the rate of the economy. UK Theatre and SOLT believe that if the sector is to continue to thrive, it must draw on the talent from all areas of society. To achieve this ambitious project, SOLT, UK Theatre, and Education and Employers are launching a drive to recruit industry ambassadors who will take part in events across the UK to lay the groundwork for young people to make informed and ambitious career decisions.

At this year’s Olivier Awards, SOLT President, Kenny Wax, put out a call for Ambassadors: “Our goal is to sign up 1,000 Ambassadors from across the industry, to include technicians, designers, actors, creatives and administrators – with particular emphasis on roles behind the curtain – to commit to visit a local school once a year to talk about what they do – to open the eyes of children and inspire them to consider a role in the theatre.”

Once launched, the campaign will continue throughout the year and Ambassadors will be matched to activities and events at schools in their local areas.

In the spirit of inspiration, we spoke to some of the incredible people at this year’s Olivier Awards ceremony and asked them: who inspired you?

To find out more and to sign-up as an Ambassador, click here.

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