The scorched desert landscape of Rajasthan is the setting for this musical interpretation of Emily Bronte’s classic tale of passion, jealousy and revenge, Wuthering Heights.

Shakuntala, the headstrong daughter of spice merchant Singh, falls for Krishan, a street urchin her father brings home after one of his trips to market. But can their adolescent love withstand India’s rigid social hierarchies, not to mention Shakuntala’s yearning for a life of luxury?

In Tamasha’s version of Wuthering Heights, the dark and brooding atmosphere of the original 1847 novel is infused with the feelgood elements of Bollywood. The show draws on the history of Indian cinema – from brooding black and white epics of the 1950s to colourful contemporary blockbusters – to bring the story to life.

Tamasha is the theatre company behind previous hits A Fine Balance, Fourteen Songs and East Is East, and is credited with bringing Asian culture into the British mainstream.

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