Olivier Award winner Henry Goodman reprises his role as the title character in the West End transfer of Bertolt Brecht’s epic parable The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui following a successful run at Chichester Festival Theatre.

Chicago in the 1930s, the Great Depression, a time of unemployment, fear and corruption, and the perfect time for a small-fry crime boss and his henchmen to make it big to seize a greater power, an absolute power.

Arturo Ui and his mob of gangsters run protection rackets for both workers and businesses. Soon Ui’s menacing shadow looms large, from the markets, to the docks and across the city itself. You might be with him, you might be against him, but it certainly seems you can’t stop him.

Written in 1941 just before the exiled Brecht arrived in the USA, The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui is an epic parable of the rise of Hitler, shot through with razor-sharp humour.

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