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First Performance 31/03/2016
Closing 15/03/2020
Running Time 2h20, inc. interval

An update from Mischief Theatre:

“Due to the closure of theatres in accordance with the UK Government and SOLT’s advice, we can confirm that The Comedy About a Bank Robbery played its last performance on Sunday 15 March 2020.

“We want to say a big thank you to all our crooks, accomplices and audiences who’ve helped to stage this heist. In our four years on the West End and on the run, we’re proud to have stolen both diamonds and hearts too!

“We hope our crooks may get parole at some point – who knows where you may see them next…

“But for now, thanks to everyone who has supported The Comedy About a Bank Robbery – you’re DYNAMITE.”


From the creators of The Play That Goes Wrong comes The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, the Olivier Award-nominated West End comedy about one enormous diamond, eight incompetent crooks and a snoozing security guard.

In summer 1958, a priceless diamond has been entrusted to Minneapolis City Bank. An escaped convict is dead set on pocketing the gem with the help of his screwball sidekick, trickster girlfriend… and the maintenance man. It’s a motley crew for sure.

So sets into motion a series of mistaken identities, love triangles and hidden agendas, as it turns out even the most reputable can’t be trusted. And in a town where everyone’s a crook and even seagulls can’t be trusted, what could possibly go wrong? Delivering swag loads of laughter, Ocean’s Eleven meets the Marx Brothers in this dynamite new comedy.

Hot on the heels of Mischief Theatre’s international success, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery first opened at the Criterion Theatre in April 2016 to critical and audience acclaim, going on to be nominated for the Best New Comedy Award at the Olivier Awards 2017 ceremony.

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is created by Mischief Theatre and written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, the Olivier-winning team behind The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong. The play is directed by Mark Bell, who also staged The Play That Goes Wrong in the West End and on Broadway.

Full of twists on genre tropes, and packed with daring set-pieces, The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is a hilarious showcase of slick theatrical inventiveness and hilarious, quip-filled word play.

Combined with Mischief Theatre’s signature style of raucous slapstick, it’s a show sure to make away with London theatre audiences’ hearts, minds – and funny bones. It’d be criminal to miss it!

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