Inspired by the well-known Greek myth of an ultimate sacrifice, and winner of Best New Play at the UK Theatre Awards, audiences are invited to meet the tempestuous Effie as she bids to turn her life around in Gary Owen’s Iphigenia In Splott.

With her days lost to three-day hangovers following heady mixes of drinks, drugs and drama every night, and her life spiralling towards nothing, the sudden events of one night give Effie a bolt of hope for the future – a chance to become something more than the austerity-affected boarded-up shops that surround her.

Following its award-winning runs in Edinburgh and Cardiff, Iphigenia In Splott sees Sophie Melville reprise her role as Effie, with direction from Rachel O’Riordan.

A powerful and moving drama that drives home the high price people pay for society’s shortcomings.

Please be advised that this show contains strong language and themes of an adult nature, and is only suitable for ages 14+.

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