A love letter to schooling and culture in the 1990s, the multi-award-winning comedy Education, Education, Education comes to London.

This razor-sharp, whip-smart comedy from the acclaimed The Wardrobe Ensemble has enjoyed hit runs in Edinburgh, and now arrives at Trafalgar Studios to transport us all back to May 1997: a time when Harry Potter was yet to be published, smartphones didn’t exist, and Britain had just won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Education, Education, Education is set during a surge in national optimism at a local secondary school. It’s the last week of term and Tobias, the new German language assistant has just arrived in the UK. And while political change, led by the newly-elected Tony Blair, begins to take effect outside of the classroom, there’s a revolution ongoing within it.

Supported by an eclectic mix of eccentric schoolteachers, like Miss Belltop-Doyle struggling to control her Year 10 class, to Mr Pashley desperately trying to keep a confiscated Tamagotchi alive, Tobias has one simple aim: make it through the day.

Education, Education, Education is jam-packed with all of your favourite 1990s hits, including tunes by Oasis, Katrina and the Waves and The Spice Girls. Throw in-jokes about the rise of Take That, the rise of the Macarena, and Teletubbies references, and this hit comedy culminates in an irreverent and nostalgia-inducing experience.

The show is performed by The Wardrobe Ensemble, famed for their inventive theatricality and playful humour. Their recent hits shows include RIOT, 33, 1972: The Future Of Sex and South Western. This comedy is devised by the company, following their tradition of colliding big ideas with intimate human stories.

In Education, Education, Education audiences transported back to the 90s; the music, the fads and the icons, as well as issues that remain pertinent to the twenty-first-century experience, dissecting education and responsibility at the dawn of Blair’s Britain in 1997.

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