Clybourne Park is set in 1959. Russ and Bev are selling their desirable two-bed at a knock-down price. This enables the first black family to move into the neighbourhood, creating ripples of discontent amongst the cosy white urbanites of Clybourne Park. In 2009, the same property is being bought by Lindsey and Steve whose plans to raze the house and start again is met with a similar response. Are the issues festering beneath the floorboards actually the same 50 years on?

Bruce Norris returns to the Royal Court following success with The Pain And The Itch with a new play exploring the fault line between race and poverty.

In addition to Clybourne Park and The Pain And The Itch, Norris’s other credits include The Infidel, Purple Heart and The Unmentionables.

Clybourne Park is directed by Royal Court Artistic Director Dominic Cooke, who previously directed The Pain And The Itch.

Clybourne Park is suitable for theatregoers aged 14 and older.

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