First Performance 26/04/2012
Closing 26/05/2012
Running Time 1h30

Election lost, speeches made and controversy stirred; Kayode’s hiding. He’s not even answering the door to the cleaner, and Rita is not going to start getting out the Hoover in her designer heels. Escaping the political heat in London he flees to Nigeria; a British MP and a self-made man. Once there, he gets caught up in a whole new power game.

Bola Agbaje’s satirical new play Belong questions our notion of home.

Agbaje returns to the Royal Court, where her first play Gone Too Far received its world premiere, winning the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate theatre.

Belong is the first play to be produced by Tiata Fahodzi under the theatre company’s new Artistic Director Lucian Msamati.

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