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First Performance 12/02/2020
Closing 14/06/2020
Running Time 2h30, inc. interval

Weird and wonderful musical Be More Chill is coming to London at The Other Palace.

It’s just your atypical love story – a guy (he wants to fit in), a girl (she wants to be noticed), and the supercomputer inside the guy’s head that tells him what to do (it wants to take over the world!).

One of the things that catapulted Be More Chill onto bigger and bigger stages is the runaway streaming success of its Original Cast Recording.  With a nostalgically 80s-sounding score, the album gained over 100 million downloads in the USA alone, in a short amount of time, and created a huge and passionate audience of fans worldwide.

With a Tony Award-winning score, the musical tells the love story between a girl who just wants to be noticed, a boy who just wants to fit in, and the supercomputer inside his head who just wants to… take over the world.

When gawky Jeremy is offered SQUIP, a pill that promises instant coolness, he can’t help but swallow it down. But SQUIP isn’t a drug but a computer chip implant that begins to take over Jeremy’s actions.

A tale about teenage awkwardness, AI and free will – what a winning combination. The story is still on the up – from humble beginnings to Broadway and the West End in only a few years, and a film adaptation is currently in development too.

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