Genre Entertainment
First Performance 24/01/2009
Closing 25/01/2009

Startling, daring and unusual, Compagnie Uu Loup Pour l’Homme’s debut show Appris Par Corps, in which two brothers explore their relationship through the language of acrobatics, is circus-theatre that goes far beyond mere physical prowess.

Artists Alexandre Fray and Frédéric Arsenault – award-winners at the Jeunes Talents Cirque, Paris (2006) – explore emotions from tenderness and attraction to violence, loneliness and fear. This is done through a powerful duet reflective of their company’s name – a play on the ancient Roman proverb ‘Man is a wolf to man’.

Appris Par Corps iis part of Paris Calling – a Franco-British season of theatre arts through the Institut Français, London – and London International Mime Festival. It is suitable for theatregoers aged seven and older.

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