Genre Entertainment
First Performance 12/07/2024
Closing 31/08/2024
Running Time 1h40, no interval

After 10 long years, Fuerza Bruta is finally returning to its London home – Roundhousewith their incredible new show Aven, a rollercoaster ride of euphoria, optimism and passion beyond your imagination and will fill your heart with joy this summer.

Welcome to Aven – a celebration of adventure and paradise. A place that exists in our minds. A space without a floor. Without boundaries. A show that seeks happiness and pushes every limit to find it. It’ll sweep you up and fill you with an unstoppable force – are you ready?

Catch the show that will leave you breathless for more – available strictly for a limited and impossibly happy 8 weeks only from 9 July 2024. 

Please note: Late Shows (9pm) will be followed by an extended DJ set and will have a running time of approximately 2 hours 40 mins.

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