Genre Entertainment
First Performance 20/08/2008
Closing 25/08/2008
Running Time 50min

Join Alice on her magical adventure as she chases the White Rabbit back in time on a fantastic spiralling journey into Wonderland. Watch her change in size in this dream-like adaptation of the famous tale, told through shadow theatre. On her journey she meets the Cheshire cat, a two-legged dragon and the March Hare at the mediaeval Mad Hatter's tea party. But beware the Queen of Hearts or you might just lose your head.

Alice And The White Rabbit celebrates different shadow techniques and is inspired by the gothic architecture and mediaeval times of the original white rabbit statue which really exists in St.Mary's Church, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Suitable for theatregoers aged four and older. Children under four will not be admitted into the auditorium. 

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