Kinky Boots cast on stage at West End LIVE 2018

Watch: Walking To West End LIVE

By Carly-Ann Clements, Published June 22, 2018

The world has long forgotten the walk of shame. Now, it’s all about the walk to fame! Last week, performers from some of the West End’s best shows strut their stuff as they made their way to the West End LIVE stage.

See the stars of Bat Out Of Hell, Kinky Boots and Strictly Ballroom make their way down to Trafalgar Square in style. From high kicks to last minute make-up application, these stagey beauties made the commute to work look beyond glam. Honestly, if taking the central line was this much fun, we’d be the happiest people in the world!

Watch the videos below and be inspired to live your best life every day – just like this lot do.


Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical Walk To West End LIVE


Strictly Ballroom The Musical Walk To West End LIVE



Kinky Boots Walk To West End LIVE



And if you think that looked fun, you should see the show itself. Seriously. If you couldn’t join us or you just want to relive the amazing events of the weekend, we’ve put together a playlist of all the performances. Watch them all as if you were standing front and centre, but with the added pleasure of your sofa. Well, we believe that’s the weekend sorted…

And if you want to see more from behind-the-scenes, check out our fave moments from West End LIVE 2018.

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