946 The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

Published August 18, 2016

What’s It All About?

Like Micheal Morpurgo’s most famous adaptation, War Horse, the action is set in World War Two and we are shown the complex nature of war through the story of an animal. This time Tips the Cat, and her 12 year old owner, Lily.

In 1943 the Americans arrived in the quiet village of Slapton, South Devon, to use their beaches to practice for the D-Day landings. The exercise didn’t go according to plan and we soon learn the tragedy behind the number 946 in the title.

Cue the arrival of the blues-singing, swing-dancing ‘Yanks’ and the friendships formed between these young soldiers and the left behind villagers.

This is also a story about two cultures meeting, of displacement across continents and finding a place to call home in the most unexpected of places.

If this all sounds rather depressing, it isn’t. Ingeniously staged, Emma Rice’s glorious production is full of warmth, wonder and some cracking gags. Told though music, dance, song and puppetry and numerous other clever ways that I won’t spoil, this production is an absolute treat.

Who’s in it?

It’s impossible to single out any one of these superbly talented performers. This the true definition of an ensemble piece, with two band members and ten actor musicians sliding (sometimes literally, via fireman’s pole) seamlessly between music, dance and multiple characters.

That said, Tips the Cat, is a furry scene stealer.

What should I look out for?

Signature storytelling by Kneehigh theatre, puppets that will steal your heart and swing routines that will knock your socks off. Top-tip: Don’t spend too long getting ice cream in the interval; you’ll want to head back to your seat for a stunning mid-show musical treat.


In a nutshell?

Sumptuous storytelling with something for everyone aged 8 to 80. Packed full of joie de vivre, this will touch your heart then make it soar.


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Will I like it?

If you are already a fan of Kneehigh’s exuberant storytelling, you will be thrilled with this latest offering. If you haven’t seen them before this is the perfect introduction. Combine this with the unparalleled atmosphere of the Globe, always a special place to see theatre as dusk falls during the performance, and the evening becomes electric.

This untold story of the D-day landings is one that deserves to be told and should be heard. The production does this with a cleverly light touch and the result is both gloriously fun and deeply moving.
Innovative, enchanting and infectiouslyexuberant, this is definitely one show the whole family will adore.

946 The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips runs at the Globe until 11th September. You can buy tickets through us here.