The world-renowned Japanese taiko drumming troupe, Yamato, put on a show of Passion in the West End with high-energy, thunderous performance at its best.

Returning to the West End’s Peacock Theatre in March 2019 due to popular demand, Yamato will be performing their latest work, created in 2018 and led by artistic director Masa Ogawa.

Passion constructs a kaleidoscope of sound through an assortment of instruments; from gigantic barrel-like Odaiko drums to cymbals, bamboo flutes and vocals, Yamato’s innovative performance shines through.

Their Odaiko drums are traditionally used in Shinto rituals and each weigh over half a tonne. Played by the troupe with ferocious and staggering strength and stamina, the resulting noise produces a heart-thumping torrent of music. Odaiko drums require their drummers to use their entire bodies to play, necessitating a tremendous blend of skill, physicality and discipline from the troupe, who train rigorously and on a daily basis.

Yamato takes the ancient art of taiko drumming to bring it bang up-to-date to audiences far and wide. The group formed in 1993 and have since performed in 54 different countries, with over 3,500 performances, reaching almost 8 million people. In 2013, the company founded Yamato Taiko School based in the Netherlands where company members teach up to 20 taiko classes and 200 people a week.

The members of Yamato are collectively responsible for the creation of musical compositions, theatre production, lighting design, choreography and costume design, including the bachi (sticks) used to play the drums.

An explosive, engaging spectacle, Yamato: Passion will ignite you with a plethora of energy and inspiration.

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