Genre Musical
First Performance 13/01/2011
Closing 02/04/2011

Woody Sez is a joyous, toe-tapping, and moving theatrical concert event that uses Woody’s words and over 25 of Woody’s songs to transport the audience through the fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes tragic life of Woody Guthrie.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame calls Woody Guthrie the “original folk hero; a man who, in the 30s and 40s, transformed the folk ballad into a vehicle for social protest and observation and in so doing, paved the way for Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and a host of other folk and rock songwriters who have been moved by conscience to share experiences and voice opinions in a forthright manner.” Fuelled by a boundless curiosity about the world, the colourful life he led became as legendary as the songs he wrote.

Woody Sez is performed by a talented group of four versatile actor/musicians who not only play 15 instruments, ranging from guitar and fiddle to jaw harp and dulcimer, but also bring to life the many people who are the fabric of Woody Guthrie’s amazing story.

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