First Performance 20/06/2014
Closing 26/07/2014
Running Time 2h45

Set in 1984, Beth Steel’s epic drama Wonderland explores the turbulent events of the Miners’ Strike, from Westminster’s corridors of power to the Nottinghamshire coal face.

In the Midlands, two young men are about to join the workforce, learning what it means to be a miner, the most perilous of professions, where the dangers of roofs collapsing and explosions are laughed away with bawdy humour.

In London a troubled Conservative politician, an abrasive American businessman and an eccentric maverick represent the Tory government readying to clash with the powerful mining unions.

As the miners and the government battle, each struggle for victory; the miners to save their livelihoods and families, the politicians for their vision of Britain.

Steel’s Wonderland was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and marks the playwright’s first major production on a London stage.

The production is directed by Edward Hall, the Artistic Director of Hampstead Theatre.

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