Genre Entertainment
First Performance 15/12/2017
Closing 31/12/2017
Running Time 1h, no interval

The hauntingly beautiful fairy tales of Oscar Wilde are retold with original live music, imaginative storytelling and a generous dash of comedy in Wilde Creatures.

Playing as part of the year-long celebration of Wilde’s work by Classic Spring, the new theatre company headed by former Shakespeare’s Globe Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole, Wilde Creatures promises cater to everyone aged 5 – 105 and aims to help create new generations of future theatre-lovers.

Once upon a time there was a town that was dark and grey. The North Wind blew coldly through the streets and in the town square there was an empty platform where the statue of the Happy Prince had once stood. There is to be a new statue – but of whom? Which of the townsfolk is important enough to be immortalised in stone and raised above everyone else?

A live band of storytelling musicians bring characters from The Happy Prince, The Nightingale And The Rose and The Birthday Of The Infanta to life, as they try to decide on the new statue. Will it be the pompous Mayor, the haughty Princess or the love-sick Student?

These three Wildean stories in question each have different themes, and stem from the writer’s catalogue of beloved short tales. In The Happy Prince, the eponymous character comes out of a life of comfort to experience sorrow for the first time. The Nightingale And The Rose is a tale of selfishness and selflessness in the name of love, and The Birthday Of The Infanta celebrates inner beauty.

Tall Stories, the Olivier-nominated producers of The Gruffalo, present a sparkling new musical adventure for everyone, playing for a limited run of performances at The Vaudeville Theatre this Christmas.

Let the Wilde Creatures take you on a fantastical journey through palaces, forests and beyond in this exciting new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic fairy tales.

Age Recommendation: 5 – 105.

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