First Performance 17/02/2009
Closing 21/02/2009

Why The Whales Came is set in 1914. Gracie and Daniel have been told to stay away from the mad Birdman, but when Gracie brings down the Curse of Sampson on her family, only he can make her understand what the curse really is and how it can be broken.

A timeless adventure story about the power of friendship and the need for understanding, this extraordinary book by former Children’s Laureate Michael Morpurgo comes to life in a fantastic family show.

Why The Whales Came is devised by Birmingham Stage Company, the creators of the shows Kensuke’s Kingdom, Danny The Champion Of The World and last year’s production of Treasure Island.

Morpurgo is the acclaimed author of Kensuke’s Kingdom, Private Peaceful and War Horse, all of which have been adapted for the stage. Private Peaceful plays at Greenwich theatre in April while the National Theatre’s hugely successful production of War Horse transfers to the New London theatre in March.


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