Genre Entertainment
First Performance 22/01/2009
Closing 14/02/2009

If everything you thought about race is wrong, and everyone else is right, are you the wrong race?

The child of an unlikely liaison between Lenny Bruce and Lenny Henry, poet, playwright, performer and broadcaster Lemn Sissay grew up in care in the Lilliputian villages of Lancashire and didn't know a Black person until his late teens.

Now Lemn makes his first foray into the world of stand up as he opens “The Richard Pryor Centre for Comedy” a brand new venue. He presents the most serious of subjects through the eyeglass of laughter, to make audiences look at the world anew.

The Southbank Centre's artist in residence, Sissay's work includes Tender Fingers In A Clenched Fist, Rebel Without Applause and his plays Chaos By Design, Storm and Something Dark.

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