First Performance 06/06/2006
Closing 10/06/2006
Running Time 2h25

For Makhzum, a young Muslim poet and dreamer, and the other adolescents growing up here, their search for identity becomes a painful one. The world of their fathers brutally places them under the control of their society’s traditions. Despite experiencing the first feelings of love toward his comrade from the Madrassah, Makhzum is forced into an arranged marriage. In a town divided by cultures, customs, religious and state law, we feel the poignant path he has to tread.

Beautifully crafted, this haunting and poetic piece observes a complex struggle, still painfully relevant today. A bold and moving piece that dares to dream of peace.

Ilkhom Theatre, led by its founder Mark Weil, began as a renegade company in the USSR in 1976. Existing without state censorship or subsidies, early works were improvisations, street theatre, and new-wave plays. More recently, it has produced adaptations of Western classics, modern classics and even traditional Uzbek comedy. White White Black Stork has been running for five years to great success in theatres in Uzbekistan.

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