First Performance 09/06/2009
Closing 04/07/2009

Whispering Happiness is a  lyrical and theatrical portrait of urban life, exploring happiness at a time of despair. The story focuses on two teenagers – Simon and Hayley – caught in a world of turnoild, where cities and countryside have been torn apart. As society becomes increasingly apathetic, the State has seized power and relocated to the country, forcing those left behind to fend for themselves in a desolute wasteland.

Drugs, gangs and violence reign as communities fall apart and tower blocks crumble. The future seems to be beyond Simon and Hayley’s control until a shadowy figure appears, offering them a way out, promising happiness. But nothing is as it seems when Simon finds himself in a police interview room, searching for answers. A political play of persoanl journeys, Whispering Happiness explores the choices we must make when the future lacks none.

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