First Performance 29/09/2008
Closing 05/10/2008

Whisper asks the audience to question ‘what is real’ in a world of increasing technological sophistication.

In Whisper, each audience member is given a set of headphones through which they hear the voices of three live performers narrating a fictional walk through a fictional city. Not only are the three performers narrating a walk that switches between the ‘here and now’ of the story and ‘dream-world’ of memory, but they are also creating a fully immersive sound environment through the use of a sound technique called Foley. Foley is a technique employed in film, where a sound artist adds sounds to a film after the film has been shot, thereby creating a hyper-realistic world of sound for the film.

Whisper, which was described by the New York Times as “An intriguing brush with altered reality”, comes to the Soho theatre fresh from runs at Fierce Festival and PS122.

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