First Performance 22/10/2009
Closing 07/11/2009
Running Time 1h45

What Fatima Did… is a powerful, funny and provocative new drama about how the actions of one young woman threaten to destabilise the community around her. How much freedom do we have in shaping our own identities and how much are they shaped for us?

What Fatima Did… opens on the first day back at school after the summer holidays and everyone is looking forward to catching up. Ears will have been pierced, hair will have been cut and new shoes bought.

But will anyone be prepared for the change in Fatima’s appearance when she arrives at school? Suddenly it seems she is not the Fatima they thought they knew.

Atiha Sen Gupta, who wrote What Fatima Did… joined Hampstead theatre’s young company Heat & Light in 2003. Since then she has collaborated in a writing project led by Roy Williams, written a one act play with Tanika Gupta and had her work staged in script in hand performances at the theatre.

For more about What Fatima Did… at Hampstead theatre, read the First Night Feature.

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