First Performance 04/09/2008
Closing 27/09/2008

Lisa is a New York performance artist who used to be very ill. Her mother is a middle American housewife who healed her racially divided neighbourhood, but just can’t get well herself. Lisa’s trying to tell us about it, but it turns out that putting your attention-averse mother onstage with you is a really bad idea.

Lisa was sick and then she got well. Her neighbourhood was sick and then it got well. It’s as simple as that – or is it?

Academy Award nominated Sarah Miles (Ryan’s Daughter) stars with Natalie Casey (Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps) in the European premiere of this comedy at the Trafalgar Studios.

For more information about Well at the Trafalgar Studio 2, please read the Big Interview with Sarah Miles.

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