First Performance 05/09/2017
Closing 23/09/2017
Running Time 2h10

Didi and Gogo wait on a country road by a tree for a man named Godot. All they know is that when Godot arrives they will be saved. If he doesn’t arrive they have to come back tomorrow and wait again.

So begins and ends Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece. Arguably the greatest play of the 20th century. Didi and Gogo pass the time by playing games, arguing and questioning why they are waiting. Pozzo, a landowner arrives with his slave Lucky who he is bringing to the fair to sell. They pass the time. Pozzo and Lucky leave. A boy arrives and tells them Godot won’t come today but surely tomorrow. They wait.

This landmark definitive production of Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting For Godot returns to the Arts Theatre, the home of the original 1955 production.

This production from Ireland’s AC PRODUCTIONS has thrilled and entertained audiences since 2005.

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