First Performance 30/11/2005
Closing 10/12/2005

Mum and Dad Ubu are evil megalomaniacs, and, as evil megalomaniacs tend to do, they enjoy nothing more than plotting their rise to power. In particular, they are striving to bring down the King of Khazakstan and take his crown. Like an aging, potty-mouthed Macbeth, Ubu reminds us that lust, greed, betrayal and back-stabbing aren’t just for the young.

Jarry devised the characters of Ubu Roi while only 14. Ubu The King was Jarry’s first, and arguably most influential play, and scandalised Paris when it was first performed, leading to a riot. Jarry is now considered a founding father of Theatre of the Absurd.

Two of Scotland’s most innovative and well-respected theatre companies, Dundee Rep and Tron theatre, have collaborated on this production, which is directed by Dominic Hill.

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