First Performance 12/07/2017
Closing 12/08/2017
Running Time 1h15

Adam Garcia, Bryony Hannah and Paul Higgins star in the premiere of the final play by Kevin Elyot, writer of the classic comedy My Night with Reg.

Set on summer evenings in the 1960s and the present day, Twilight Song traces one family’s hidden liaisons over half a century.

2017. Barry is single, middle-aged and gay. He and his mother Isabella’s relationship is fraught, yet after more than 50 years they cannot live apart. 1967. Barry is starting school, Isabella is pregnant again, and parliament passes a law of liberation.

A mysterious stranger turns up in their past and their present – could he be the missing piece of the jigsaw they’ve both been yearning for?

Hilarious, heartbreaking and full of surprises, Kevin Elyot’s evocative final play proves how powerful our past can be in the present.

The full cast comprises two-time Olivier nominee Adam Garcia, Bryony Hannah, Paul Higgins, Philip Bretherton and Hugh Ross.

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