First Performance 12/03/2016
Closing 19/03/2016
Running Time 1hr30

In this specially-crafted introduction to Shakespeare for families, his rich comedy classic Twelfth Night is adapted for young people and staged within the revered architecture of Shakespeare’s Globe itself.

One of a number of Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank productions, this is a full-scale, full-paced 90 minute performance of a show which lends itself to themes children will identify with in their own lives.

Twelfth Night tells the story of twins Viola and Sebastian, separated by shipwreck and desperately seeking to reunite with one another in the strange land of Illyria. But through the course of disguise, unrequited affection and all manner of confusions and chaos, as well as the comic actions of numerous miscreant relatives and servants, the play finds itself packed with laughs, love and music.

Twelfth Night promises to leave children and adults alike buzzing with the thrill of live Shakespeare, within the very architecture for which it was written.

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