Three classic operas are combined in a glorious fusion of circus, dance, classical music and musical theatre, in Trioperas at the Peacock Theatre.

Turandot, Madame Butterfly and Carmen are re-imagined with showstopping spectacle, gravity-defying choreography and the immortal musical scores known and loved by everybody, in a brand new concept show. Trioperas’ creator, the musician and producer Pamela Tan-Nicholson, is renowned for her innovative application of traditional techniques to contemporary performance methods.

Starring world-class performers abound, including magnificent dancers, acrobats, top-class singers and even an on-stage orchestra, Trioperas is a mind-blowing journey through three classic operas, reduced from their combined ten-hour running time. Trioperas is instead in three 35-minute acts incorporating, among other things, breakdancing, ballet, tap, kung-fu, salsa, and Chinese lion wushu techniques, in a high-adrenaline show for audiences of all ages.

In a pertinent reinvention of the shows, their three female protagonists – a Chinese princess, a Japanese geisha and a Spanish gypsy – are portrayed as reluctant heroines generations ahead of their time. Breaking the conventional depiction of female leads in opera, Turandot is instead a cross-dressing daredevil warrior-princess, Madame Butterfly is an ambitious and proud Japanese geisha and Carmen, the free-spirited Spanish gypsy party girl, struggles to stay faithful to her devoted but incompatible lover.

Nine multi-talented female performers from a variety of artistic disciplines and backgrounds feature in the production, which demands superb vocal skills, dramatic authority and physical discipline to perform a variety of stunts: Sianna Bruce, Keedie Green, Sara Hamilton, Lucy Kay, Martina Mennell, Shoreina Pereira and Chiarra Vinci.

The show also brings together ten multi-talented male performers to perform the various colourful roles all requiring a range of skill sets. Adam Corrigan, Llandyll Gove, Adam Margilewski, Matthew McCabe, Richard Munday, Daniel Slade are joined by award-winning Royal Opera House principal Yuriy Yurchuk, Wushu World Champions Cham Dong Ming and Toh Chin Xian; and the only actor in the world to have starred as Young Simba and Adult Simba in Disney’s The Lion King, Naoto Kaiho from Japan.

Trioperas is brought to life by a stellar production team including choreography from Royal Ballet Principal Steven McRae, Sadlers Wells’ D. Jonzi, Wushu Masters Siow and Tang from Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association.

For anybody who has ever hummed Nessun Dorma while unaware of its origin, or for every fanatic who’s seen every opera you can think of, this is musical opera at its finest, featuring hits songs including One Fine Day, Humming Chorus, Habanera, The Toreador Song and more.

For opera buffs and newcomers to the art-form alike, Trioperas is an all-singing, all-dancing night out.


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