Toad is set in the height of an English summer, when wet-behind-the-ears Mole meets Rat, Badger, and the irrepressible Toad and is thrust into a thrilling new world.

As winter draws closer, Toad’s adventures take them far from the safety of the Riverbank and deep into the uncertainties of the Wild Wood, where hidden in the shadows of the lengthening nights, lurk other creatures. And they have an old score to settle…

In the unknown depths of The Vault, Southwark Playhouse, audiences will be thrust into a dark, dangerous but impossibly exciting world. More than an audience, you’ll become part of the Wild Wood itself as you join the heroes for car crashes, prison breaks, a testing of friendships and a battle of honour – with menacing Weasels hiding round every corner, ready to pounce. And in this mysterious place where deception is king, a different type of Toad will emerge – one who can’t buy his way out of danger, and can only rely on two things; his unique imagination and his friends.

Following their acclaimed production of Sunday Morning At The Centre Of The World, Bad Physics turn their “near-unique performance style” to an adventurous reinvention of this well-loved story.

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