The story follows our intrepid reporter’s quest, to save his good friend Chang, into the snow fields of the Himalayas where the legendary abominable snowman is rumoured to live. Tintin is joined on his journey by a host of iconic characters including the irascible sea dog Captain Haddock.  Tintin is not only an exciting tale of derring-do but also an enduring tribute to the power of friendship, loyalty and love.
Tintin, the world’s most famous boy reporter, began his first adventure in 1929, in the comic strip Le Petit Vingtieme.  Created by illustrator Georges Remi, known to the world as Hergé, Tintin has become a modern day icon with his trademark crested quiff, plus-four trousers and his faithful dog companion Snowy. Each year more than 3 million copies of Tintin’s adventures are sold across 50 countries in 40 different languages.  Tintin has a lasting appeal which has transcended time, culture and language.  
Directed by Rufus Norris and adapted by David Greig and Rufus Norris, Tintin is the Young Vic’s second Christmas show at the Barbican during Walkabout.

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