The WET REP Season features four plays by three playwrights performed by one company of actors in repertoire.

Bender, by Anna Jordan, is an experimental social networking play inspired by stories and anecdotes posted on Facebook. Over 200 fans posted the weird and wonderful things that have happened to them on their craziest nights out.

Laundry, by Jo Stokes, is a one-woman comedy which puts the spotlight on the eccentric behaviour of a young American woman recently scorned by love. She tells us how she has come to find herself locked insider her apartment, avoiding the elephant-in-the-room of her life.

Jonathan Bonfiglio’s Tatchell follows Stephen, who has just worked on politician and activist Peter Tatchell’s failed election campaign when a former romance comes back into his life. With political failure fresh in his mind and the abhorrent action sof his father forcing him to question his views, will the return of hie former love reinvigorate him or is the past too great a burden to carry?

Shortstuff, by Anna Jordan, comprises three short plays about friendship, brotherhood and death.

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