Genre Comedy
First Performance 23/09/2022
Closing 03/12/2022
Running Time TBC

The Upstart Crow opened at the Gielgud Theatre in February 2020 to an array of glowing reviews and sold out performances. The Daily Telegraph described the show as “just the hey nonny-nonny nonsense the doctor ordered with much to crow about.”

Now, one plague and an Olivier Award nomination later, this all-new comedy is back, starring David Mitchell who will resume his West End debut in Ben Elton’s stage adaptation of the critically acclaimed BBC TV sitcom, Upstart Crow. Rejoining Mitchell on stage will be Gemma Whelan (DI Ray, Game of Thrones, Gentleman Jack) as the sweet and fragrant Kate, along with a troupe of players to be announced.

Directed by Sean Foley, The Upstart Crow will open at the Apollo Theatre on 23 September for a limited 10 week run and see Mitchell once more don the bald wig and bardish coddling pouch in his iconic characterisation of Will Shakespeare.

The story is based on the sitcom following the life of William Shakespeare, and is full of Shakespeare puns, easter eggs and anachronisms. 

Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones and Gentleman Jack) will continue to co-star as Kate, the aspiring actress and Will’s housekeeper.

The play is set in 1605 in a moment of crisis for the bard himself. He’s in a bit of a pickle – his last two plays have fallen flat and recently crowned King James is thoroughly unimpressed.

Will must shape up or risk losing his head. He’s desperate to work on a new, better play but the distractions at home are proving difficult, with his squabbling family and strangely, two shipwrecked, cross-dressing identical twins who have arrived separately and unaware of each other knocking on his door.

To add insult to injury, his friend and housekeeper, Kate, has started a crusade against the treatment of animals in showbiz, and has liberated the Globe Theatre’s very best dancing bear.

She’d hoped to keep the bear quietly in the house until she could set her free in the wild, but Mrs Whiskers has other plans.

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