The Park Theatre hosts the London debut of Terry Jastrow’s tense historical drama The Trial Of Jane Fonda, with Golden Globe-winner and Academy Award nominee Anne Archer playing the titular role.

Set in 1972 at the heart of the Vietnam War, the show centres on Jane Fonda, a soldiers’ favourite pin-up and American acting icon, but also a notoriously outspoken activist against the conflict.

During a protest visit to North Vietnam, Fonda is photographed clapping astride a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, a move which held grave ramifications for her reputation in her homeland. Rebranded ‘Hanoi Jane’, her very career on screen is placed in jeopardy by furious veterans, who halt filming of a 1988 movie co-starring her and Robert De Niro – so she decides to meet them.

Retracing Fonda’s steps in the face of adversity, battling a room full of angry men for whom the war still rages, Jastrow pens a powerful conjecture as to the content of that meeting, with Fonda fighting to stop her past from dictating her future.

West End star Alex Gaumond co-stars.

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