Thomas Brodie Sangster and Antony Eden return to the St James Studio in hilarious new Christmas-themed comedy The Three Kings – with strong language and adult themes!

Rejoice in the quicksilver repartee of Block and Tackle as they lock horns (or is that antlers?) over love, life and the wonders of the totally unexpected!

Our boozing heros have been work mates on the building site for the past nine months but on the eve of Christmas a revelation comes about that is to change their lives forever!

A hilarious and poignant new play by Gordon Rider, also starring Vanessa-Faye Stanley, The Three Kings takes us on a journey from doubt to belief via the public bar of The Three Kings pub and a couple of packets of crisps.

Please note, this production is recommended for individuals ages 16 and older due to strong language and adult themes.

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