A season of storytelling based on myths and legends, suitable for ages 7+.

2-7 Feb – Viking Myths: Riding The Horse Of Odin

Two formidable storytellers lead you through the wildly imaginative landscape of Norse creation myths, complete with wolves, giants and axe blades. Discover how the primal adventures of the Gods, along with the dark planet Saturn, the Sun and the Moon, have left their mark on our everyday lives.

9-14 Feb – Greek Myths: Snakes And Thunderbirds – The Gods And Goddesses Of Mount Olympus

The gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus are always fighting. Storyteller Xanthe Gresham takes audiences into a world where the sun, sea, earth and underworld are nothign but a playground for these fast-dancing, wine-drinking, olive-eating deities.

16-21 Feb – Irish Myths: On The Heels Of The Hound

One brave scealai (myth-teller) lures audiences into the fantastical world of Ancient Ireland, where warriors leap with blinding frenzy, one-eyed monsters hunt the shores and shape-shifters blur the line between this world and the otherworld.

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