Hans Christian Andersen’s classic wintery fairy-tale of friendship, bravery and self-discovery, The Snow Queen, is brought thrillingly to life in Mike Kenny’s contemporary adaption at the Polka Theatre.

The family venue’s Christmas 2017 show sees the classic story come to life as you’ve never seen it before.

Kai and Gerda are best friends. Not quite brother and sister – but as close as if they were. But they’re destined to be torn apart by an evil force, as the maleficent Snow Queen captures Kai.

Together, and with the help of their friends, Kai and Gerda reimagine their thrilling adventure. Let your imagination soar as a dusty attic is transformed into the Snow Queen’s icy palace, and follow their epic journey of self-discovery, as they try to save Kai from the icy spell of the Snow Queen’s cold kiss. Can Gerda melt his heart before he forgets her forever? Can they save Kai from the evil clutches of The Snow Queen?

The Snow Queen is adapted for ages 5-11 by Mike Kenny, one of England’s leading writers specialising in young people’s theatre. His previous credits include the Olivier Award-winning adaptation of The Railway Children, which has played several hugely successful seasons at Waterloo and King’s Cross, as well as at the National Railway Museum. He has also penned the award-winning Three Wise Monkeys and Electric Darkness.

Now writing for the Polka Theatre, audiences can expect his interpretation of The Snow Queen, the classic fairy tale which inspired the 2013 Disney film Frozen, to provide a fantastical wintery adventure, the perfect treat for young families this Christmas.

All Ages Welcome shows are available so you can bring also bring younger siblings; please see individual performances for more details.

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