The Sleeping Beauty reawakens the magic of the world’s favourite fairytale in an enchanted world of castles and curses, forests and fairies.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, Princess Aurora lived in an enchanted castle where fairies bestowed her with gifts of beauty, temperament, purity, joy, wit and generosity.

The wicked fairy Carabosse put a curse on Aurora that will see her die on her 16th birthday but the beautiful and kind Lilac Fairy cast a spell to counter the curse so that instead of dying Aurora fell asleep for 100 years. Only the touch of true love’s kiss could awaken her and undo the evil spell.

Kenneth MacMillan’s production of The Sleeping Beauty features some of Tchaikovsky’s best-loved ballet music ever, including the Rose Adagio and the music used as Once Upon A Dream in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

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