Set in the 1970’s, The Prisoner Of Second Avenue is a black comedy depicting a New York couple, Mel (Jeff Goldblum) and Edna Edison, enduring the trials and tribulations of city life. Mel is made redundant and the stress of an economic crisis and urban life pushes him into having a nervous breakdown. The family gathers to offer support, with Edna stoically bearing the burden of his disintegration and self-pity.

The Prisoner Of Second Avenue originally premiered on Broadway in 1971, starring Peter Falk and Lee Grant, where it ran for two years and received a Tony Award nomination. It was subsequently made into a film in 1975, starring Jack Lemmon and Anne Bancroft.

The Prisoner Of Second Avenue marks Goldblum’s first return to the London stage since appearing opposite Kevin Spacey in Speed-The-Plow at the Old Vic in 2008. the actor, who also appeared in The Pillowman on Broadway, is best known for his work in films including Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Annie Hall and The Fly.

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