Susie Salmon is your average young teenager. She talks about all the things teenagers do. She longs to be grown up and beautiful, she obsesses over her charm bracelet, she has a crush on a boy from school.

But Susie’s dead.

After a horrible and early death, Susie can only watch from above while her family mourn her loss and try to muddle through what has happened.

Her family grieve in different ways – her father becomes obsesses with finder Susie’s killer, her mother tries desperately to move on and create a new life and her sister is struggling through the pains of teenage romance that Susie will now never know.

Powerless, she watches. And wonders if there’s any way she could reach them.

A coming-of-age tale with a poignant twist, Bryony Lavery has adapted Alice Sebold’s modern classic for the stage. This story of life after loss will be directed by Rose Associate Artist Melly Still (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, My Brilliant Friend).

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