Growing up isn’t easy, especially when you’re in love with a bear.

The Girl With The Iron Claws is a story about a girl who dares to follow her longing. The youngest daughter of a king, she feels like a misfit. Then one night a compelling dream leads her deep into the forest, where a chance encounter sets her on a fateful path she could never have anticipated.

Following a critically acclaimed, sell-out success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, The Wrong Crowd bring you this captivating, dark fairy-tale, which shares its roots with Beauty and the Beast. Stunning puppetry, enchanting music and deft humour combine to dazzling effect in this coming-of-age tale to enthral audiences young and old.

Fall in with The Wrong Crowd for their inventive, playful, unique brand of storytelling theatre.

Joint tickets for Swamp Juice and The Girl With Iron Claws matinees are available at a discounted rate.

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