First Performance 21/03/2024
Closing 20/04/2024
Running Time TBC

A man about to kill himself falls asleep and dreams of a beautiful, future earth, where people live in harmony with each other and nature. When he wakes, he has only one purpose: to persuade the world that what he has seen is possible. Will people listen? Will humanity wake up to his vision of a peaceful planet, where men and women love each other and live cooperatively with nature and the animals. Or are we doomed to repeat the old, terrible cycles of war and destruction?

Based on a short story by the great nineteenth-century author Dostoyevsky, The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man is a Russian Christmas Carol, relocated to modern London. Poignant but funny, a tale of wonder, full of warning, this exquisite one-person piece will leave you uplifted and full of hope for a better world.

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