The Big Idea: Sex
Curated by Alecky Blythe, E.V Crowe and Michael Wynne

Forever by Judy Blume
Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, 6.30pm
Playwright E.V. Crowe invites an audience to relive a seminal teen lesson in sex education by listening to a live reading by a solo performer of Judy Blume’s iconic novel Forever.

Friday Night Sex
Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, 8.30pm
Friday Night Sex – a steamy passion-fuelled session or a complicated and exhausting routine? Playwrights Alecky Blythe and Michael Wynne investigate what Friday Night Sex really means.

Tickets £8 for both events. (£5 per event)

Late Night: David Hoyle Tries to Get His Leg Over
Royal Court Bar & Kitchen 9.30pm until late
Notorious ‘anti-drag queen’, performance artist, avant-garde cabaret artist, singer, actor and comedian, David Hoyle brings his unique act to the Royal Court Café Bar.
Free entry


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