First Performance 12/11/2003
Booking Until 29/11/2003
Running Time 1h10

A new play by Brazilian writer and director Cristina Teixeira about the prejudice surrounding mental health issues, in a new style of ‘reality theatre’, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction, actors and audience.

When your appointment comes through for group therapy, you’re bound to feel a bit shy at first. But at the friendly Acorn Group you will be introduced to regulars depressive Vincent, bi-polar Robert, and obsessive-compulsives Lucy, John and Tracy. But when John’s estranged wife turns up and Vincent unveils his secret, the session takes a completely unexpected turn. But Doctor Ralf has got the situation well in hand … or has he?

Writer Cristina Teixeira says, “!Runners is the chance for every human being to escape from reality. Before your time is up, would you like to change yourself?..”

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