Genre Entertainment
First Performance 14/03/2023
Closing 25/03/2023
Running Time 2h35, inc. interval

Surreal comedy meets genuinely spooky chiller in this unmissable production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Ruddigore.  Directed by Peter Benedict (Mapp & Lucia – The Musical and Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards!), expect all the familiar G&S elements: terrific music, cheeky social satire, comic pathos and a sensational cast singing faster than you’d think humanly possible – but with a seasoning of sinister spectres.

A family curse means a baronet must commit a crime every day or perish. In trying to escape his fate, he encounters dancing sailors, a bunch of frustrated bridesmaids and a chorus of ghosts. What could possibly go wrong?

Wilton’s Music Hall with its faded Victorian grandeur, lends itself to a tale of ancestral ghosts who haunt the family picture gallery, and this innovative new production will provide some spine-tingling moments amidst the laughs.  Those who are familiar with Ruddigore are also in for a few visual and musical surprises.

Oracle Productions have presented classic theatre and new writing in the West End and Off-Broadway as well as touring major venues across the UK and overseas for the British Council.

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