A collection of provocative duologues from Australian playwright Raimondo Cortese.

Dark and raw, Cortese’s duologues higlight the beauty and cruelty to be found in any encounter between two people; strangers, friends, colleagues or family. 

Hotel: Tara and Jane, two “rough as guts” hotel cleaners, discuss the intricacies of work relations, theft and Kylie Minogue – with violent consequences.

Fortune: After the death of his partner Terry, an old age pensioner, is enslaved by an aggressive prodigal son.

Borneo: Angelica, a psychotherapist, befriends a young passenger on a return flight home to learn precisely how it feels to have a monkey on her back.

Sickness: There is nothing fantastical about a dying man’s confessions to a put-upon priest about his Oedipal tendencies.

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