First Performance 10/06/2022
Closing 16/07/2022
Running Time TBC

A slippery new thriller in which nothing is as it seems and nobody is who they are.

When Ollie has his identity stolen on the internet, it’s bad enough. But soon it’s not just his online life collapsing – his real life is being stolen too. Who is the person really doing and saying these awful things? And who can Ollie trust to see the real him when the world sees him as a monster? Did the real him ever exist in the first place?

Dave Davidson has worked in the security industry for 38 years. This is his first play ever produced.

“Dave Davidson is quite simply the best playwright that this country has never produced. The fact that this is his first major production is a shocking indictment of the system. His voice genuinely has the capacity to change everything.”  Playwright Dennis Kelly

“Dave Davidson had been working steadily in the fringes of the London new writing scene when I first met him on a writers’ group. His work always showed striking potential. But the force and brilliance of That Is Not Who I Am has completely astonished me. It is a play of rare political urgency, savage wit and real compassion and wisdom. It is a play that defines this country as it blinks its way out of the pandemic and into a chilling new world. It is, I think, a startlingly significant piece of work. I am so glad Dave came back to writing.” Playwright Simon Stephens

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